AirSense™ 10 CPAP


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The AirSense™ 10 CPAP machine from ResMed delivers high-quality CPAP therapy with advanced features like AutoRamp™ and SmartStart™. Featuring a built-in humidifier for climate control comfort, the AirSense™ 10 CPAP is simple yet effective design that offers real-world solutions for sleep apnea patients.
Advanced Features
The standard base model of ResMed’s popular AirSense™ sleep machine lineup, the AirSense™ 10 CPAP with humidifier combats obstructive sleep apnea by delivering a steady flow air at a fixed rate of pressure. While simple and easy to operate, the AirSense™ 10 CPAP offers advanced features – like AutoRamp™, Expiratory Pressure Relief (EPR™) and SmartStart™ – for optimal patient comfort.
AutoRamp™ starts therapy at a lower pressure setting to help patients ease their way into sleep, then gently ramps up to the prescribed higher pressure once sleep is detected. The EPR feature reduces airflow pressure during exhalation, creating a more natural breathing sensation for patients. Meanwhile, the convenient SmartStart™ function automatically starts therapy as soon as you breathe into the CPAP mask and then also stops therapy shortly after the mask is removed.
Integrated Humidifier
The HumidAir™ humidifier adorning the AirSense™ 10 CPAP promises consistent humidification throughout the night for a more comfortable sleeping experience. The humidifier is fully integrated into the AirSense™ 10 CPAP design, making for easy setup and cleaning. The humidifier accommodates conventional tubing and the slim, lightweight tube that comes standard with the AirSense™ 10. The humidifier also works with the optional Climate LineAir for even more climate control comfort.
CPAP Therapy Made Easy
The AirSense™ 10 CPAP is designed to provide a simple, user-friendly experience for patients. ResMed’s AirSense™ 10 CPAP delivers easy, one-touch CPAP therapy. There are no complicated menus or confusing settings options to fuss over – just press Start and you’re good to go. The quiet Easy-Breathe motor helps contribute to a peaceful sleeping environment for you and your bed partner. The machine’s LCD display also helps keep the bedroom distraction-free thanks to its built-in ambient light sensor. The AirSense™ 10 is CPAP therapy made easy.
ResMed AirSense™ 10 CPAP Features:

AutoRamp™ helps patients fall asleep by delivering lower initial pressure before building up to prescribed level, with user-adjustable ramp timing ranging from 0–45 minutes
Expiratory Pressure Relief (EPR™) lowers pressure flow during exhalation
SmartStart™ begins therapy once you breathe into mask and automatically stops therapy a few seconds after mask is removed
Integrated HumidAir™ humidifier makes for convenient setup and cleaning and is compatible with optional ClimateLineAir heated tubing
Easy-Breathe motor runs quiet
User-friendly controls and color LCD screen make it easy to navigate menus and customize settings
Ambient light sensor adjusts LCD screen brightness and turns screen off automatically
Built-in wireless capabilities for connected care options

ResMed AirSense™ 10 CPAP Includes:

AirSense™ CPAP device with integrated humidifier
New humidifier water chamber tub
Slender, lightweight tubing
Power supply
Travel carry bag
SD card (already inserted)

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