Brevida Nasal Pillow Mask


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Fisher & Paykel designed the Brevida mask with nasal pillows to provide confidence and comfort to the CPAP user. Soft silicone nasal pillows inflate to form a gentle seal both inside the nostrils and around the nose. The innovative air pillow works with minimalist headgear to create an effective seal that is maintainable all night long. A diffuser for sound control and Fisher & Paykel’s VisiBlue highlights that make assembly naturally intuitive top off the list of this masks features.

• Nasal pillows inflate for a personalized seal
• Fits intentionally looser than other nasal pillows
• Adjustable headgear with only a small footprint on the face
• Each mask ships with all size cushions included

Nasal pillows with a nasal cushion fit
Fisher & Paykel’s trademarked AirPillow seal inflates with the air from the CPAP machine. The nasal pillow cushion expands both inside the nostrils and around the nose. Most nasal pillows only seal the nostrils, but this mask acts as both a nasal pillow and as an under the nose nasal cushion. The AirSeal pillow also has wing-like stabilizing side supports that prevent the nasal pillows from dislodging. The region of the cushion that touches in and near the nostrils is extra-thin to prevent chafing and irritation.

Headgear stays in place
The masks headgear extends from the nasal pillow, across the cheeks and around the back of the head. The forehead is untouched, and nothing on the mask blocks vision. The cheek straps are soft yet made with a stiff, thick material to give them staying power. Notches carved into the cheek straps also hold the selected headgear position in place. The two bands that form the back of the headgear are much stretchier than the side straps to give a snug but not too tight fit behind the head.

Fisher Paykel describes the mask as “designed for confidence, built for comfort.” Blue highlights on the mask, frame, headgear, and swivel guide assembly so you can always be sure the mask is put together correctly. Headgear that stays in place gives the user confidence that their CPAP therapy will work as needed all night long. A ball and socket swivel moves the mask with you and minimizes drag on the nasal pillows, keeping them in place. A cloth diffuser overlays micro ports, so exhaled air flow is quiet and does not blow on you or your partner.

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