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The DreamWear full face CPAP mask shares the same unique soft, flexible silicone frame with the DreamWear nasal mask line. The DreamWear frame delivers airflow to the mask from a top of the head connection to the CPAP machine. The DreamWear full face cushion is an under the nose, over the mouth cushion instead of the traditional triangular full face cushion that covers the entire nose. As a result, the sleep apnea user has an open field of vision, and the mask has fewer points of contact on the face, reducing red marks and discomfort. The forehead and the bridge of the nose are untouched by the mask. The innovative DreamWear Full mask frame is also compatible with DreamWear nasal pillows and DreamWear nasal cushions, giving the CPAP user affordable flexibility for their sleep apnea therapy.

• Full face mask with minimal contact to nose and forehead
• Over the mouth, under the nose cushion
• Top of the head connection

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