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The FullLife full-face CPAP mask is a marvel of minimal contact mask design.  Patients that require a full-face mask interface but prefer something lighter and smaller will be delighted to discover the many advantages of this mask interface.  The revolutionary design eliminates the forehead pad, leaving the upper face completely unobstructed and gives users a clear field of vision.  This mask will feel more open and not give users the claustrophobic feeling that may come from other bulkier masks.
A single size faceplate fits different sized cushions.  Cushions are available in small, medium and large sizes.  The dual-textured cushion easily forms a stable seal.   The cushion has supportive ‘ribs’ that give the mask extra stability and helps prevent leaks.  These design features all help to form and maintain a good seal in order to give the patient a superior therapy experience.
A quick-release swivel allows users to quickly detach from the standard tubing from the air pressure device.  Patients do not need to remove the entire mask in order to move about.
Normal movement during sleep has the potential to put twists or kinks in the hose of some masks.   Built into the FullLife mask are two 360-degree rotating swivels that give the hose a large range of movement and reduces the potential of the hose becoming kinked. 
Integrated exhaust ports ensure that the mask exhalation is quieter, giving both the patient and the bed partner a more restful night.  The ultimate goal of CPAP therapy is to get a restful sleep so it is good to know that the mask will not negatively impact the rest of the patient or they’re partner.
The convenient headgear features a step-by-step numbered system for easy set-up.  The mask stability is reinforced with a chin support band, which ensures a good fit and that the mask is stable.
Features Include:

Integrated exhalation ports designed for for quieter operation.
Quick release on swivel makes for easy disconnection from the CPAP device.
Two 360-degree swivels allows for more freedom of movement, giving patients more flexibility.
Dual texture cushion surface keeps mask stable and comfortable on the user’s face.
Available in three sizes: small, medium, and large.

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