Swift™ FX Nano for Her Nasal Pillows Complete System


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The ResMed Swift™™ FX Nano for Her offers all the comfort and flexibility of the Swift™ FX Nano in a style and size designed for women. Move freely while you sleep — the cushions are ultra-soft for a secure yet gentle seal, and they attach to the CPAP machine tubing with a flexible joint that doesn’t restrict your movements. Like to switch between sleeping on your side and your back? No problem! Whether you prefer to wear your hair short or long, under or over the backstrap, the Swift™ FX Nano for Her complements your personal sense of style.
Features Include:

The Swift™ FX Nano for Her has no rigid frames, delivering sleep apnea therapy in a soft, comfortable package.

This CPAP mask is so small and unobtrusive, you’ll barely even notice you’re wearing it.

The Swift™ FX Nano for Her sports a scaled-down size, without sacrificing the effectiveness of your sleep apnea therapy.

The air you breathe out is quietly released away from you and your partner.

This mask is designed to be easy to wear and easy to clean, so you don’t have to spend your personal time maintaining your equipment.

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