Swift™LT for Her Nasal Pillows Complete System


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The ResMed Swift™ LT for Her is a nasal pillows mask designed especially for females, combining the easy-to-use design of the Swift™ LT with personalized features to suit women’s unique preferences.
Features Include:

Light touch. Designed without a forehead support, this lightweight mask seals softly and securely to ensure a satisfying night’s sleep.

Soft wraps. Headgear stability is supported with special soft wraps arms that add comfort and an extra defense against facial marks.

Easy fit. The Swift™ LT for Her’s rotating barrel lets you customize your best seal, while the simple design makes it easy to fit and clean.

Soft and stable.The petite frame makes this the perfect sleep apnea mask for side sleeping.

Whisper-quiet comfort. The Swift™ LT for Her delivers ResMed’s signature quiet performance.

Practical design. The adjustable backstrap can be worn over or under the hair to accommodate a wide range of hairstyles in a soft, feminine print and light blue color.

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